TEI received the “Best Prototype or Innovation” award on April 30th 2019 at the American Foundry Society Metal Casting Congress in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our award-winning casting is a main body structure for an interplanetary landing craft. The structure was optimized for minimum mass using Autodesk prototype generative design software and Fusion 360. The concept interplanetary lander was designed for travelling enormous distances to the moons of distant planets such as Saturn and Jupiter. The principal challenge was its hollow structure with a typical wall thickness of 3mm.

Follow the link below for an article about the lander project on Autodesk’s website: “NASA’s JPL used generative design technology to design a concept lander with 35% less mass and improved performance”
Included in the article is a video that was filmed on-site at TEI during production.


Andreas Bastian of Autodesk, Inc. pictured with the lander casting during assembly