TEI is ISO 9001 certified and believe quality control is an integral part of our company. TEI delivers the highest quality precision tooling available, allowing quick and effective manufacturing of high accuracy products. We currently utilize 4 Gantry CMM’s and the latest in 3D white light scanning. Our facility also incorporates Real Time X-ray and CT Scanning to check casting integrity.

Our inspection processes include:
  • Spectrometer: Melt chemistry
  • Hydrogen vacuum: Melt condition
  • Real Time X-ray: Casting integrity
  • Ultra-sound: Wall thickness
  • Leak check tank: Pressure tightness
  • Endoscopes: Internal casting examination
  • Penetrant checks: Micro-shrink
  • Hardness meters: Hardness checks
  • Test specimens: Mechanical property testing, Dendrite arm spacing, Micro-graphs
  • Chemical etching: Grain structure
  • New YXLON YCT Compact CT Scanner: Casting Integrity
  • Tinius Olsen H50KT Machine: Tensile Testing