TEI manufactures and distributes Hot and Cold Box Blowtubes for the casting industry. We inventory over 40,000 Blowtube bodies of varying sizes and lengths, along with over 200,000 assorted elastomer tips. TEI can fulfill your design needs with the standard product or any special design request. Next day delivery on our ready-made, standard products is guaranteed.

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How do I know which blowtube I need?

During the quote process your customer probably told you which core machine the tool was going to operate on, and whether or not it is a Hot-Box or Cold-Box.

Can I order blowtubes assembled?

Yes, blowtubes are normally shipped to your facility assembled. You may however request that this not be done when you place your order.

How do I tell the difference between the two types?

Hot-Box blowtubes are constructed from two pieces of steel. One inner tube and one outer tube. The two piece assembly is then welded together to make one complete blowtube. When completely assembled the cooling water will flow around the inner tube and exit out the assembly into the water jacket portion of the blowplate. The Cold-Box is made from one piece of steel.

Do I have to purchase complete blowtube assemblies?

No, all our products can be purchased as assemblies or as individual pieces. In fact a great number of our customers order blowtubes and their accessories as seperate items.